Activor Alarm Remote GENUINE

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This genuine remote from Hills acts as a wireless control for your Reliance/NX alarm be used to activate a gate or garage door when the correct receivers are fitted.

DIY coding instructions included. No alarm tech needed.

Remote (fob)

  •  Operating Range: A minimum of 50m (open air)
  •  433.92 MHz Keeloq rolling code: 4.3 billion combination
  •  SAW resonator (filter) locked (+/- 75KHz)
  •  Transmitting power: <10mW
  •  Operating Voltage: 6 V powered by 2 x 3 VDC lithium batteries
  •  Battery Life: A minimum of 4 years under normal operating conditions with the recommended battery types: CR2032 from Everyday, Duracell, Malak or Panasonic
  •  Current: <1uA standby; 12mA operating


  •  Long range: Minimum of 50 meter (open air)
  • Extra channels: 7-channel outputs
  • High security: Keeloq rolling code (4.3 billion combination)
  • Highly reliable: SAW Resonator and Superhet technology
  • Attractive/Robust: Attractive metallic frame making remotes robust
  • No false operation: Sliding cover to prevent accidental activation of buttons
  • Long battery life: A minimum of 4 years in normal operating conditions
  • Large capacity: 25 remotes
  • Low battery indicate: LED on the remote flashes when the button on the remote is pressed
  • Auto-shutoff: Stops the remote from transmitting if a button gets pressed for approximately 25 seconds
  • Polarity protection: Reverse polarity connection is protected
  • Open/close Rpt: All fobs send user 2 when open close reporting is enabled